I'd just like to start with how honoured I am that people choose me to capture such special moments in their lives, I really do find happiness and joy in capturing these times.

  I have been a photographer, professionally, for 11 years.

I live in London, which I adore, but I also love the countryside and strive to live a wholesome, healthy, balanced life. I am happiest doing yoga, pottering around wholefoods store, being by the sea, walking amongst the nature, hiking mountains and of course, having my camera at hand to capture these times.  I like to photograph things in a natural way.  I like people to look at my images and feel the emotion and spirit of the moment.  I love natural light, a dreamy and romantic feel, soft, light, airy colours and beautiful black and whites. 

Having specialised in weddings and portraits for many years, working on Lifestyle and food photography is a newer adventure for me and already I have been lucky enough to work on projects for KinfolkJamie Oliver, Not on the High Street and Etsy.  Also, recently becoming a contributor for The Exploress I am excited to document more of my travels and share my journeys. Please see my other website www.raihudson.com

As well as this work, I freelance as a fashion retoucher, which means I get to retouch images which appear in Vogue and other publications.  It is amazing to see this work in international magazines that millions of people see.


Please either email me at info@rachelhudson.co.uk or call me on 07714022826.